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YouniQreative is inspired by a love of nature and the amazing world we live in, coupled with a concern for the best for all humankind and a celebration of the unity humans generate when they live in peace and mutual support, with care for sustainable healthy systems.


YouniQreative has You in its title because it offers to take your focus and creative flair and realise it in statements you can wear; from the beauty of nature to statements about bringing fresh water and education to all. You can choose from my designs or send a photograph(s), of your favourite garden, woodland or childhood memories or you can describe the statement you want to wear (e.g. working to feed the hungry or celebrate women's achievements)  and I can offer you a choice of designs e.g. to bring the solutions to poverty to people's notice or to cover you in bars from your favourite music.

Each dress, T-shirt or any garment you choose, is a unique work of art - and wearing your artwork, will reach a much greater audience than hanging it on your wall. You can bring your beauty and /or concern to the eyes of hundred's of people who will see and feel your garments message.

You can either purchase the copyright to own the design -

or you can leave the copyright with me so that I can use parts of it again. Your garment will remain unique in its entirety - the only one - expressing you, personally.