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TOGETHER WE CAN - Ages 3 - 7

"It isn't much, but it's warm and dry; and you won't rot away in the rain.."

"I was a Mascot in a club for 25 years, until Snowball ran off with me."

Gold and Roberts Rabbit meet the unwanted and lost.

"My name was... but now, please just call me Painty"

"Two more seconds and I would have been crunched... she saved me"

Robert's Rabbit ages 3 - 7

"Horay I'm gold! He'll love me again."

"He's so dirty, who would want him?"

"Daddy, that's my rabbit!!"

'That's my Robert!!'

"I bought that rabbit for my baby sister to love, because I love you so much."

Together (I'm Possible)

"Look mum, everything is broken. Broken houses, broken hearts, broken lives"

We know what you are!

"Give me your carrots and take anything you want!"

"We should be eating carrots!"

"But I want them!"